Our Expertise :-亚洲版体育在线投注 Era Architects since 1999 have established a reputation in designing and delivering commercially successful, innovative and creative projects in various fields with more than 1400 cinema screens and performance auditoriums, across 33 countries. Era Architects aims to innovate, create and successful deliver projects across the world.

 Hotels & Hospitality :- Era Architects designs from a Major Hotel development to design of small club house. We understand the customer experience and hotel services to minimize spaces and maximize the experience. We design high quality functional spaces from large banquet to a detail guest room design.

Entertainment :- Era Architects designs from film studio to multiplex cinemas. We have designed of far 1400 plus screens across the world. We have created many signature destination projects for various cinema operators; also we have designed performance theaters and auditorium for schools, collage and corporate bodies.

Shopping Malls and Retail :-  Era Architects designs from a big shopping mall to a small retail outlet, the design process is based on the clear understanding of the needs of the consumer and retailer. Our designs are create a ethos between places, buildings provide an aesthetic inspiration and make a commercial and environmental sense. Our designs also create a landmark projects.

Exhibit Design:-亚洲版体育在线投注 Era Architects designs exhibit from convention stall designs to kiosks with same process of any other environment. It is imperative that we understand the goals of our client and successfully translate them into a creative and memorable experience. Our attention to detail is a crucial component of success of our exhibits.

Interior Design :- Era Architects undertakes majority of interior designs of our own architectural projects and often we are appointed on specific interior design  project. Our designs are bold and out come of a responsive design brief. Creating a user friendly environment and a unique interior space.

Work Place :-亚洲版体育在线投注 Era Architects designs as a place where you feel comfortable, motivated and inspired. a very well designed work environment enhances the productivity of a persons and able to contribute more. Our success is more in this sector to understand the environment and design environment friendly spaces.

Residential :- Era Architects designs range from a high rise apartments to an individual villa, the designs are made to reduce the common area and increase the carpet area of the apartment. Our design improve the quality, standard of living, exceptional living space that resonate with sense of community, comfort, security and style.

Parks & Landscapes :-亚洲版体育在线投注  Era Architects design parks, play areas, with interactive elements where children and families are drawn into the space full of amenities provide a memorable experience. With the use of local and environment friendly materials.

Master Planning :-亚洲版体育在线投注 Era Architects designs from planning a large settlement of Industrial Township to design a small pathway. We design keeping in mind the new sustainable environment. We design keeping in mind the existing parameters, use of local materials and build forms and to great environmental sense.

Graphics :- Era Architects designs from signage for a township to graphic of a business card, we design to define identities for public spaces, retail spaces, with clear compelling graphics that relate the user to the usable form. creating a long lasting sense of place.


Era Architects through 19 years of practice have opportunity to experiment and test the numerous methods of design.

Era Architects has a staff of 30 persons with groups each lead by associate architect with their team of architects,designers and visualizers.

Era Architects has experienced architects, Interior designers, graphic designers, 3D modelers, visualizers and recently graduated designers. Comprises of “Project Design Team”.

This process of Project Design Team works positively at Era Architects.

* To ensure close client liaison.

* It maximizes exposure of young staff to all phases of the project.

* It enables staff chose who they most want to work with.

This process at Era Architects allows for the Project Design Team to expand or reduce as per the need of the projects and as necessary.

At Era Architects each Project Design Team is required to regularly review the projects within its commission as a group there by sharing diversity of knowledge to individual about different project, to liaison with the client, design process, Making working drawings and detail specifications and BOQs. Procurement of various materials and handling a site execution.

At Era Architects this Project Design Teams are Lead by Eranna Yekbote who reviews all the projects and maintains a design ethos of overall practice.

We at Era Architects have various seminars in office on a regular basis from experts consultants, Architects, Architectural building materials suppliers, use of latest software and its applications for the development of individual staff and for the growth of Era Architects.

Era Architects being a single company is technologically integrated throughout India and Intentionally with the use of teleconferencing facility in-house.

Era Architects practice operates on the most current version of AutoCAD available, Overlaid by Revit three- dimensional design development and documentation. And also uses Sketch-Up and 3D Max latest versions to generate three dimensional perspectives and walk-through.


Eranna Yekbote

Chief Architect

    Vikas Jain

    Associate Architect

      Harsh Suryawanshi

      Visualizer Designs


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